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Good Job!

I don't normally like stick-mation, but this one with the blur/glow effect of the blood etc and smooth animation and very fast paced action made it "stick" out! Good job! Keep it up! Upbeat music helped too, familiar song, couldn't put my finger on it though..


I love seeing frame by frame animation because it is so difficult to do yet so impossible to emulate. Great job and please continue making flash animations and submitting them! Your score is waaaaaaaaaay too low making it obvious that a lot of people voting didn't even watch this. Don't let it get you down, Hope you get daily first and I'll be voting for you to get monthly first for sure!

lol Good job

Great job! You tweened well and just enough animation for a short to keep it interesting. Spider to the face ATAAAAAACK! I hope this never happens to me, I gotta say the guy reacted pretty well to the situation considering spiders were crawling all over his face. Good job! Keep 'em coming!

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Ridiculously great game!

Not only was this a great flash game but I'd easily fork over 5-10 bucks to own this on xbox arcade or PSN, RARELY do I actually sit and play a flash game for more than 5-10 minutes. Upgrading is fun, the art is fantastic, the voice-acting is excellent and extremely fitting to the setting, the difficulty is perfect to keep an addict going but not frustrating enough to feel impossible. Simple concept and controls also make this an excellent game since most of us don't feel like learning a whole lot just for a flash game. All around, this is so good I honestly am disappointed that it only won Daily 5th... You must've had some pretty stiff competition that day... I would think this would've gotten 1st no problem, I'll be voting for you for that Monthly trophy though and checking back and dropping you some 5's to pump that score up though you can believe! GREAT JOB! Keep it up!

-Nathan of Taco Buttfish.

Highly Under rated

5/5, 10/10, this is well polished and addictive fun, I like being able to upgrade bonuses and being rewarded for finishing early etc. Very well done! Just wanted you to know that this deserves a MUCH higher score, hopefully others will notice that and bump you up with some 5's! Good luck and good job!

ShadeMemory responds:

tacobuttfish, thank you so much! :)

Best Flash Game in a LOOOOOONG Time!

I love it, the artstyle, the level design, and mostly the creativity. I applaud your work. 5/5 10/10, best submission of the day is right here I tell you!

-Nathan of Taco Buttfish.

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This is really, really well done, a lot of raw emotion in this track. I would like to use this possibly in my Beast Snacks series, and a couple of your other songs with your blessing.

-Taco Buttfish.

Step responds:

Wow, thanks! I'd love it if you use any of my songs :). If you want any action-packed songs, you can check out any of my War Themes or Cobra.

Thanks for the review and for the 10!

Thanks a ton guys!

The anime is up and got your song playing during the credits! Talk to you both soon!

Much love,

-Taco Buttfish.


I stumbled on your music tonight and I love it! Great job, please keep them coming! This one in particular is so well done.. damn. It's just that good.

-Taco Buttfish.

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