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Flash video freezing but Audio Continues???

Posted by tacobuttfish - April 8th, 2010

Anyone experienced in Flash, I need help, wrapping up a major flash video (it's about 10 minutes long) It has the NG preloader *(correct version for AS2)* and suddenly, after publishing, it freezes the video at about 8 min in but the audio continues. This one frame just stays in the flash player from then on, it doesn't even wrap back to the preloader. I tried moving the scenes around, played around with the publish settings - tried compressed and uncompressed, everything I could think of. The best I could do was get it to move a couple more frames in before it froze and continued on with the audio. This is a large (for Flash) file hitting at about 11.5mb so far. Also, I've tried publishing it in CS3 and CS4 but same result. Also tried Flash Player 9 and Flash Player 10. Tried a search engine but couldn't find anyone with the same problem. Much appreciated if someone can point me in the right direction so I can finish this project. Thanks!

-Nathan of Taco Buttfish.

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I'd help, but all I could tell you to do is restart the program. Don't export the file till you finish and just "save it". If you export it, all your work will probably be for nothing, but maybe restart the flash, then your computer, and keep trying. I hope for your sake you don't have to start from scratch

Thanks, you know I have restarted flash and even tried it in cs3 and cs4, but I've been working almost nonstop for weeks, and haven't restarted my computer, I'll try that, would be wonderful if something so simple solved the problem.

Yeah, I can easily believe flash would do that. Here's something that I'll often try in that sorta situation- copy and paste the whole damn timeline into a new flash document. It's saved me on a number of occasions. The only thing to remember though is it'll make every frame end at the same point, so if you have a layer that you stopped using halfway through the movie, the last keyframe on that layer will stay right until the end. So before you copy and paste you might wanna stick a blank keyframe at the end of any layers that aren't used right to the end of the movie.
Also, be aware your computer may well not be able to handle such a large copypasta. I had to do this to fix a glitch in 'The Pigpen', which was about the same size, and I had to copy-and-paste the movie in 3 parts.
Anyway, hope this works for you as well as it's worked for me!

Thanks! However I just tried this method, even went as far as to copy paste every single scene, fix the keyframe issue... and still freezes, but at a different spot now... *cries* I may have to break the file into two parts and release them separately... Although that sucks because this episode was written perfectly for a good ending now I have to settle for a "in the middle of the episode" type ending.. laaaaaaame.

hmmm.... what happens if you delete everything on that frame?

Still freezes same spot when I do this, except this time it's a blank screen (since I deleted the artwork on this scene. Is it possible that my file is just too much for flash?

people have made some biiiig big big things in flash before- however the bigger the work, the more likely flash will be a douche for no obvious reason.
So. Um. All I can think is breaking the scene in two (before the glitch)?

yeah haha reworking it and going to try one solid scene this time instead of 12. I've also tried importing the swf into a new fla, but wow, lots of glitches with the handdrawn art and colors, but it could be fixed. Thanks for the help!