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Nathan Gibson and Steve Garnett are the minds and creators behind everything Taco Buttfish. If you'd like to contact us about offers/work/comments it's probably best to PM us here on Newgrounds or you can drop us an email here Tacobuttfish@live.co m

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tacobuttfish's News

Posted by tacobuttfish - September 17th, 2009

Hey guys, Please review my Music. Most of it is Dialog Wizard Hip Hop!!! I feel like the music on newgrounds really get overlooked at times! So please listen to and review my songs!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Some Music Reviews Please!!!!!

Posted by tacobuttfish - September 4th, 2009

As many of you are patiently awaiting our official first episode of Corndog Express, we ask that you bear with us as we continue to strive for perfection on this flash. Due to a couple of family emergencies, my g/f of 2 years leaving me, along with a list of other things, our beloved series has obviously been delayed. But we are back on task and hope to launch by the end of this month *September* !!! So we'll see you then and once again - Sorry for the delay - it will be worth the wait!!

-Nathan Gibson of


Posted by tacobuttfish - August 5th, 2009

As you may have heard Taco ButtFish's The Dialog Wizard has begun posting raps on Newgrounds!!!

Please add us on Myspace


Support The Wizardry and Taco ButtFish!!!!

Enter The Dialog Wizard

Posted by tacobuttfish - July 17th, 2009

We got on Newgrounds 3 years ago for one sole purpose... To gain enough momentum and experience to create CornDog Express. This is a series we wrote the script for the first 17 episodes of the first season 4 years ago. We've tweaked it and reworked it since. The first episode launches next month, and the Trailer is here NOW, come check it out, Vote, Review, and ENJOY!!!

Here's the link:


-Taco Buttfish.

CornDog Express Trailer launches!! Get a SNEAK PEAK!

Posted by tacobuttfish - June 25th, 2009

Taco Buttfish needs a programmer for a game we are designing. It works like a side-scrolling space shooter. It has grade A art and we need a grade A programmer who can work with AS2 in CS3 !! The first level is done and the second level is underway. So I'll need you to go ahead and program level 1. It's not a terribly long game but one that we're sure will pick up a trophy or two! Let us know if your interested!

-Taco Buttfish.

Looking for programmer for space shooter game!

Posted by tacobuttfish - June 15th, 2009

He's at it again, telling those childhood stories that no one should share.. Check it out! Let us know what you think! Vote! Enjoy!

PS-Sorry for the huge file size, it's loaded with animation!

Here's the link:


-Taco Buttfish

Once When I was a Kid 4 by Taco Buttfish!

Posted by tacobuttfish - May 18th, 2009

Tom Fulp accepted our team, we have already started the long process of making a game, and thank you to everyone in the community for helping us out! We'll see you right back here when our game launches!

-Taco Buttfish

Posted by tacobuttfish - April 26th, 2009

We made it to front page with our video Shakin in da Strip Club! If you enjoyed that song, be sure to check out our other audio submissions by The Obviously White Rappers (TOWR) on our page!!! Thanks for all the support!!!!

Posted by tacobuttfish - April 22nd, 2009

FRONT PAGE! Thanks for front paging us Tom! Hope everyone enjoys it! So far it's views are skyrocketing! Glad the majority of Newgrounders are finding it to be just as funny as we meant for it to be!

Steve, Dave and Nathan of Taco Buttfish have released the video for our audio submission Shakin' in Da' Strip Club! Come check it out! Warning! Much adult content- animated nudity and grotesque view of the stripper's world...
Here's the link - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Yes, the music, lyrics, vocals, animation is all done by us three! Enjoy!

-Taco Buttfish.

Shakin' in Da Strip Club Music Video!

Posted by tacobuttfish - April 17th, 2009

Sorry fans of our Mark of the Beast Snacks series, but due to personal life changes and problems, the 4th episode we expected to launch April 15th is now being pushed to the end of April, however, sometime very soon we'll be launching a music video for our very own the "Obviously White Rappers"... We hope to see you for that and do not fret, Mark of the Beast Snacks is still our top priority and as soon as we feel it is better than the last three and polished to perfection, we'll not only launch it, but let everyone that has added us to their favorites know! Until then, watch Episodes 1, 2, and 3 and prepare for our best episode yet - Episode 4: The Tower

See you then!

-Taco Buttfish
Nathan Gibson and Steve Garnett